Chicago Limousine

Chicago Limo is the première luxury transportation service in the Chicago area. Renowned for their extravagant vehicles and quality service, Chicago Limo offers all clientele superior limousine service. Boasting an impressive list of top vehicles.

Boasting an impressive list of top vehicles, Chicago Limo will carry all customers to their desired locations in absolute style. Their Cadillac Escalade, Hummer, and Bentley limousines will impress even the most finicky luxury transportation frequenter. They ensure that all limousine passengers are surrounded by the utmost in opulence and wealth.

Chicago Limo specializes in a variety of special occasions. Whether people are looking to rent a limousine for a bachelor party, wedding, or business event, Chicago Limo guarantees reliable, fast, and comfortable transportation service. Additionally, they offer a variety of extra services to ensure the event is memorable and pleasurable.

Chicago Limo´s steady clientele attests to their esteemed limousine services. Their professional drivers and beautiful luxury transportation vehicles please all travelers looking for top notch limousine transportation.


Chicago Limo Fleet

Chicago Limo boasts one of the most impressive limousine fleets in the country. Offering a vast list of traditional and extravagant limousines, they ensure that all their clientele are satisfied with one of their extraordinary vehicles. Business people or brides with more conservative tastes will enjoy their beautifully maintained Lincoln stretch limos, whereas more adventurous people will love their Hummer or Rolls Royce limousines. Whether going to a board meeting or a bachelor party, Luxus Limousine offers a luxury limousine to suit everyone´s needs.

Limousine Service Chicago

Chicago Limo knows that Chicago residents are constantly attending important parties and events. Their limousine service Chicago caters to a variety of special occasions, offering added features to ensure every wedding, party, or board meeting runs smoothly.

Businesses looking for luxury transportation for important clients will be pleased with the company´s professional corporate limousine service. Their reliable and experience drivers will guide all business associates smoothly through the city, ensuring on time pick ups and arrivals. Luxus Limousine´s substantial corporate transportation experience and knowledge guarantees that all business people will be well taken care of no matter the size or needs of the party. Businesses will undoubtedly impress clients in their comfortable and luxurious vehicles.

Luxus Limousine´s Chicago wedding limousine service is second to none. Offering a variety of convenient wedding packages that include a tuxedo clad driver, refreshments, flowers, and a red carpet, Luxus Limousine wants every bride to feel incredibly special and comfortable on their big day. Every bride wants to feel like a princess on their wedding day and Luxus Limousine offers the style, elegance, and professionalism to make all brides´ dreams come true.

Additionally, Chicago Limo offers a variety services catering to people looking to party in style and opulence. Whether looking to enjoy an extravagant night out, prom night, or bachelor party, they ensure a carefree and luxurious night of fun and amusement. Their professional limousine drivers are at their client´s service, eagerly drive them to the most entertaining and popular places in the city. Their special Ladies Night, prom, and bachelor party packages guarantee that all party goers will have a thrilling but safe night out.

Chicago Limo is the best option for anyone looking to attend an event or party in the Chicago area. Their luxurious and impressive limousines coupled with their outstanding service, promises a comfortable and fun night out in the city.

Chicago Limo Testimonial

People who are unfamiliar with Luxus Limousine´s excellent service will benefit from their company´s testimonial page. This is an excellent resource for people looking to validate Luxus Limousine´s reputation as the absolute best Chicago Limousine luxury transportation service. Separated into occasions, previous clientele review their excellent services to enable future clients to judge their professionalism for future events. Anyone hesitant about renting a Chicago Limousine for a wedding, prom, or business meeting will feel secure in booking an extravagant vehicle after reading customer´s raving testimonials.

Chicago Limo News

There are few luxury transportation companies that care enough to keep their clientele up to date on their latest ventures and offerings. On their Chicago Limo News page, Luxus Limousine ensures that all their customers stay informed of the most recent company news. People have direct access to information regarding the latest company deals and areas of coverage. Luxus Limousine wants to help potential and existing customers benefit from their professional services. Their company is always looking to expand and grow their business to benefit their customers. Luxus Limousine´s Chicago Limo News page is another means to bring affordable and luxurious transportation to the masses.

Chicago Airport Limousine

Recently, Luxury airport transportation has become an extremely popular means of traveling. Upon exiting a cramped plane, most vacationers want to step out of the airport and into the security and opulence of a luxury limousine. Luxus Limousine offers the absolute best in Chicago Airport Limousine service. They work around the clock to ensure that all travelers will receive prompt and professional care from the minute they leave the airport. Whether arriving at noon or midnight, their quality chauffeurs and lavish cars offer secure, comfortable, and fast luxury transportation. Additionally, they can easily accommodate small or large parties in a variety of indulgent but affordable vehicles. Luxus Limousine knows that travelers are often anxious and tired upon disembarking from their flights. Their extravagant limousines offer all customers a cocoon of comfort after a long day of painful airport seating and stress.

Chicago Hummer Limo

People stop and stare at Hummers when they see them rolling down the street or parked outside a fancy club or restaurant. Their massive size and style garners feelings of admiration and awe from pedestrians and drivers alike. Luxus Limousine wants all customers to consider a Chicago Hummer Limo. These absolutely gigantic and luxurious transportation vehicles are much larger and more impressive than the traditional Hummer. They guarantee to stop all pedestrians in their tracks and impress passengers. The inside of a Hummer Limousine is absolutely electrifying; their opulent but exciting night club interior ensures a fun party atmosphere. Leather couches, multi-colored lights, and a fully stocked bar all contribute to an amazing and luxurious night out. Chicago Hummer Limos are perfect for people looking that extra something for a fun and extravagant night out.

Chicago Wedding Limousine

All brides dream of their perfect wedding day from the time they are little girls. They grow up longing for the perfect fairytale wedding and will not settle for anything less on their big day. Every beautiful wedding starts out with a luxurious ride in a stunning limousine to the chapel or wedding location. It is imperative that every bride steps out of a gorgeous and clean limousine on their wedding day. Luxus Limousine is committed to offering the best in Chicago wedding limousine services to all soon to be married couples on the most important day of their lives. Their deluxe wedding packages are guaranteed to satisfy the bride and make their day absolutely magical. Whether looking for luxury transportation for all their guests, a red carpet, complimentary Champaign, or flowers, Luxus Limousine will fulfill all couple´s wishes. Their professional drivers will take an active role in the couple´s wedding, letting all brides and grooms sit back and enjoy their big day. Luxus Limousine promises worry free and gorgeous luxury transportation for all soon to be married couples.

Chicago SUV Limo

For a night out, many people crave the space and style of a SUV Limo. Party-goers are no longer satisfied with the ubiquitous stretch limousine, choosing to splurge the larger and more impressive alterative. Unsurprisingly, the most popular luxury vehicle of the moment is the SUV Limo. Whether looking for extravagant transportation for a fun night out or a unique and exhilarating option for a wedding or business dinner, a SUV Limousine will add fun and excitement to every important outing. Luxus Limousine is the top SUV Limousine provider in the Chicago area. They offer a wide selection of impressive Cadillac Escalades, Ford Navigators, and Hummer Limousines to suit all potential and existing clients´ style and tastes. The large luxury vehicle´s beautiful and extremely spacious interiors and complimentary Champaign will entice all passengers to party and enjoy their night out or important event. Luxus Limousine´s deluxe SUVLimos provide the perfect backdrop for a fun and exciting night out.

Chicago Exotic Limo

In today´s world everyone is always looking for a means to stand out. No one wants to follow the pack or be seen wearing the same clothing or riding in the same vehicle as their neighbor or best friend. Everyone wants to impress and shock friends, family, and random strangers with their striking originality and innovation. Unfortunately, most limousine companies only offer traditional stretch limousines or town cars, forcing people to ride around in a ubiquitous and unoriginal luxury vehicle. Luxus Limousine offers a gorgeous Chicago Exotic Limo for everyone looking to stand out and break way from the pack. Their beautiful Rolls Royce and Hummer Limousines will impress all passengers and pedestrians with their style, size, and absolute luxury. These extravagant vehicles provide the utmost in excellence and character for people looking for truly comfortable and stylish transportation. Their comfort and superior quality are unmatched, making them the perfect option for everyone searching for unique and ornate transportation. People riding in a Chicago Exotic Limo will impress everyone on the street, stopping pedestrians in their tracks.

Chicago Transportation

Public transportation is never ideal for the average Chicago worker; buses and taxis are extremely tiresome and inconvenient, forcing them to consider more opportune options. Luxus Limousines offers deluxe transportation for people looking for an impressive transportation service. Their beautiful and stylish luxury vehicles cannot be matched in comfort, style, and convenience. Passengers will never again be satisfied with a dirty taxi or uncomfortable bus after riding in one of Luxus Limousine´s lavish transportation vehicles. Their limousines provide plenty of entertainment and extras to ensure an incredibly comfortable and opulent ride to any airport, party, or outing. Customers can recommend a variety of services, including in limousine mp3 players, televisions and DVD´s, and specific beverages to satisfy all their transportation needs. All passengers will enjoy stepping into a deluxe limousine to find their favorite beverage chilled and ready for them. Luxus Limousine´s amazing limousines and professional drivers ensure a comfortable and pleasurable transportation experience that will far exceed any means of public transportation.

Limousine Chicago

Luxus Limousine offers premiere limousine Chicago service. They are a top notch luxury transportation company, serving Chicago and the surrounding areas. Known specifically, for their wide range of beautiful vehicles and professional service, they ensure all customers are afforded the absolute best in luxury and comfort. With an overwhelming selection of traditional, SUV, and exotic limousines for rent, customers are guaranteed an extravagant vehicle to perfectly suit their personality, event, and important occasion. Their impressive Hummer limousine is perfect for an excessive night out with friends, while their beautiful Roles Royce limousine will add class and sophistication to any wedding. Additionally, their professional chauffeurs ensure that all customers are well taken care of and secure. With years of limousine driving experience, they will get every traveler to their destination quickly and efficiently, all the while taking care of their diverse needs and interests. Luxus Limousine chauffeurs are there for every single passenger. Luxus Limousine´s quality vehicles and service guarantee an enjoyable evening out and memorable experience for all the company´s cherished customers.

Limousine Chicago Services

When people plan events they spend days or months organizing the nights details. They fret endlessly over the guest list, timing, and entertainment, pouring all their time, effort, and resources into organizing a successful and entertaining night out. The last thing they expect is their fantastic night to be ruined by unprofessional and poorly run transportation services. In the face on an important event, there is no better option than renting luxury transportation vehicles from Luxus Limousine. People planning a fun night out, important business meeting, or beautiful wedding will be extremely pleased with Luxus Limousine´s professional service and lavish vehicles. Their guaranteed reliable service ensures the night will be pulled off with style, elegance, and professionalism

Chicago Limo Chicago Hummer Limo

Illinois has the biggest city in the Midwest of the United States. This city is know as the windy city and is none other than Chicago. Whether you live in the metropolitan area or you are visiting, Chicago limo will give you a unique perspective of the city. Our company wants you to travel in comfort for all occasions. When spending time with family, friends or business partners, our wide range fleet of outstanding limousines will make you smile from your pick up point all the way to your destination. Riding in one of our vehicles will bring you ebullience and your positive energy will spread to those around you. Chicago is a massive city that holds close to 10 million people and the variety of entertainment available vast and exciting. We will add much more flavor to any event you are attending. Furthermore, Chicago limo will heighten your alacrity and you will not be disappointed with our service.

Chicago Hummer Limo

After a long day of traveling, you deserve comfort and a relaxing ride to your final destination. We will be at the airport prior to your arrival, greet you with a warm and friendly welcome and make you relax and release all your tensions. Avoid taking a taxi and sitting in traffic in an uncomfortable position. In our limousines you can enjoy some refreshments, extend your legs, listen to your music. We want you to feel at home. Your first impression of Chicago is important to us. Even if you’re coming home from a business trip or a family vacation, come back home in style. A vacation is for relaxing and that vacation should end once you get to your doorstep.

Chicago Chrysler Limo

We have many types of limos that you can choose from and we guarantee extreme comfort wherever you go. Visit our website and choose which Chicago limo you want. Our rates are very competitive and you we even accept specific details for interior decorations like colors or designs. You will be absolutely amazed with our abilities to please you. We have four passenger limos, stretch limos and even bus limousines. Any of these Chicago limo vehicles will surprise you and our luxurious service will definitely meet your expectations.

Luxus Limousine provides transportation for business accounts, one time Chicago limousine calls as well as limousine charters for your convenience. Special rates on billing are available for business inquiries and special events; all you need to do is contact us. We want to make your visit to Chicago and the Chicago suburbs a trip that you will never forget. With our courteous and knowledgeable drivers you can be assured that your Chicago limousine transportation will be both very safe and stylish.

Chicago Limo

Welcome to Luxus Limousine Chicago. We have many ground transportation options available to suit your needs and serve you better. We provide limousine shuttle transportation from everything from airports to hotels with 2007 Hummer stretch limousines as well as several other elegant vehicles. As an established leader in the Chicago limousine industry with more then 20 years of experience, Luxus Limousine can provide you with the best limousine and sedan transportation available in the city of Chicago. Give us a call 24 hours a day, any day of the week to book your very own elegant Chicago limousine ground transportation for concerts, airport pickup and drop-off, transportation to conventions, birthday parties, bachelor parties, or any other special event you may have in mind.

If you like to travel comfortably and do not want to deal with traveling annoyances, come see us and reserve one of our Chicago limos today. Take note that we can drive you to 8 different airports around Chicago. You can even surprise friends and family by having one of our limos pick them up. This will make them leap with joy and they can cherish such an experience forever. Even if you want to make a last minute reservation, we are ready to for your call and to pick you up. Our limousines are used for all occasions with friends, family or business. To travel in style and enjoy the sensation of a cozy Chicago limo, contact us today.

Chicago Chrysler Limo